Dual Credit

Dual Credit Contact:  Please contact your students counselor
Linda Lynn    11th grade, A-K
Radiah Dewberry 11th grade, L-Z
Marsona Jackson 10th grade, A-K
Venecia Lynch 10th grade, L-Z

Dual Credit Administrator:  Kristi Primus, Associate Principal

Partnerships between Texas secondary schools and Texas colleges and universities have enabled high school students to earn college credits before graduating from high school, making their transition to the collegiate campus smoother and their likelihood of graduating from college greater.

College courses offered for dual credit may be taught at the college campus or the high school campus by credentialed instructors; that is, instructors must be qualified according to criteria established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Courses offered for dual credit include the same content and rigor as courses taught to other college students, utilizing the same instructors, curriculum and policies. Dual credit courses are free to students; however, students may be responsible for purchasing books for courses taken in the summer.  Also, students will have to pay for courses that need to be retaken due to a failing grade or withdrawal.  


 Students can start applying spring semester of their sophomore year (only 11th and 12th graders can take dual credit courses). Students can only take up to two dual credit courses per semester (summer, fall, or spring).  Please note that students are responsible for transportation and books for summer courses. 

See your counselor for course offerings


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