Sanders, Evelyn

Hello My Name Is...

Evelyn Sanders
(972) 230-0726 ext. 3556

My name is Evelyn Sanders, and I am so excited to be teaching Cosmetology! I am a licensed Operator Instructor with thirty years experience in the Cosmetology industry. In 1975 I graduated WHHS Cosmetology Vocational Class receiving my Operator's License. While working in the salon I received my Instructor's License from Nelson's Beauty College in November of 1979. Then returned to college to complete my Teacher's Certification from East Texas State University in June 1996. I am so blessed to say that this is my twelfth year teaching at Desoto ISD Cosmetology Department. I am married with children and live in Lancaster. I love spending time with my family, shopping, and traveling. Please know I am here to help my students succeed and if I can help in any way, please let me know!

Class schedule
A day 1st period 7:30- 9:02              B day 5th period 7:30-9:02am
        2nd period 9:12-10:44                       6th period 9:12-10:44
        3rd period 10:54-1:12                        7th period 10:54-1:12 conference
        4th period 1:22-2:54                          8th period 1:22-2:54  conference
        A lunch                                             C lunch