Harmon, Jennifer

Ms. Jennifer Harmon

Social Studies

(972)230-072 ex. 2103


Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Ms. Harmon moved to Dallas in 2013. 

Ms. Harmon truly believes knowledge is power and that a great education is essential to a productive society. As a social studies teacher she hopes to teach students the skills necessary for creating and developing opinions based on research. She also hopes to encourage civic participation in the community and nation, however big or small. Ms. Harmon's main goals are to foster humility, respect, and a desire to learn.

Ms. Harmon attended the University of Iowa to work on both her Bachelor and Master degrees. She received her 
Bachelor of Arts in History with a Minor in Religious Studies in 2011 and her Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (Emphasis in Social Studies and Political Science) in 2013.

Ms. Harmon has her Texas Standard Teaching Certificate in History and is certified in Iowa to teach grades 5-12 in World History, American History, and US Government. 


Period 1 7:30-9:02 AP US History
Period 2 9:09-10:41 AP US History
Period 3 10:48-1:05 Conference
Period 4 1:12-2:54 AP US History

B Day
Period 5 7:30-9:02 AP US History
Period 6 9:09-10:41 Conference
Period 7 10:48-1:105 US History
     B Lunch 11:50-12:20
Period 8 1:12-2:54 AP US History