Gossom, Doug

Hello My Name Is...

Doug Gossom
972-230-0726 ext. 3811


Graduated DeSoto High School - 2004
Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington - 2010

I am a proud father of a 5 year-old boy and native DeSoto resident. I am also an executive coach, speaker, and leadership trainer. My passion is to inspire, empower, and liberate people to live their dreams, achieve the impossible, and abound in love one towards another.

I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, Texas Rangers, FC Dallas and any other Dallas sports team. 

My goal this year is to provide both academic and life skills to help students transition into the real world with success, pursuing a path that reflects their deep seated passion. I believe that all students can learn, and will hold each one of them to very high expectations regardless of their circumstances.  I firmly believe that if one does not have the circumstances they desires, they should find them. If the right circumstances cannot be found, then they must be created.

Life happens to us all. It is our response to life that determines our success.

Class Schedule

Period 1 Physics                7:30 – 9:02
Period 2 Chemistry         9:12 – 10:44
Period 3 Chemistry         10:54 – 1:12
Period 4 Physics                1:22 – 2:54
Period 3 & 7 10:54 – 1:12
(a) (Lunch 11:10 -11:40)
(b) (Lunch 11:56 -12:26)
(c) (Lunch 12:42 -1:12)

Period 5 Chemistry            7:30 – 9:02
Period 6 Chemistry          9:12 – 10:44
Period 7 Chemistry          10:54 – 1:12
Period 8 Conference          1:22 – 2:54
*10 minute passing periods