Dent, Alyse

Welcome to Miss Dent's
English IV Class!!

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English IV British Literature

972-230-0726 ext. 2101-classroom

Graduate of DeSoto High School- 2007

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Clark Atlanta University -2012

Master of Education (Teacher Education/Teacher Leadership)
Lamar University-In Progress

Alyse Dent is in her 4th year of teaching English Language Arts.  For the past few years, she has taught English II, and is excited about teaching British Literature.  Her teaching philosophy is "every student deserves the opportunity to realize their best potential and seize their moments of success".  As a 2007 graduate of DeSoto High School, Miss Dent is determined to not only give back to the institution that was the foundation for her academic success but have a lasting impact on every one of her students.  Let's have an awesome and productive year!