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Mr. Banks

Physics’ Student Expectations


Dear Parent or Guardian:


My name is Jerek Banks, and I am your child’s Physics teacher at DeSoto High School for the 2016-2017 school year.  I look forward to us having a positive and successful year.  I strongly believe teachers, parents/guardians, and students must maintain an open line of communication.  I will attempt to keep you informed about your child’s progress, and I urge you to contact me if you have any comments, questions, and/or concerns.  I have included in this letter a list of required supplies, classroom expectations, and grading policy.  I have reviewed this information with your child during class.  


Please feel free to contact me at any time throughout the school year, either at

(972) 230-0726 x 1114 or if you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns.

Be sure to check Parent Portal for student grades throughout the year.




Students are required to bring with them to class everyday:


#2 pencils

Notebook paper


Students are required to have a notebook for Physics they need either a

3 ring Binder no smaller than 1 ½ inch with dividers


at least a 3 subject spiral with pockets a 5 subject is preferred

This is where all of our notes for Physics will be kept and organized


It would be beneficial if students brought these supplies to leave in

the classroom:


4 - AAA Batteries (we have class calculators)

1- Box of Kleenex




1.  Be in your seat and working when the bell rings.

2.  Follow directions the first time that they are given.

3.  Our campus is BYOD, but students are only allowed to use electronics with teacher permission during class for educational purposes (NO EAR BUDS in ears during class, and no cell phones out on desks).

4.  Turn work in on time, participate actively and properly in class, bring all supplies to class everyday, and work only on Physics.

5.  Respect the teacher, classmates, and yourself at all times. (No rudeness or profanity.  Keep hands to yourself, etc…) 

6.  Leave the room neat.  


Consequences for not following rules will follow the guidelines in the student code of conduct.



It is very important that you complete all assignments, and prepare for quizzes and tests appropriately.  This will ensure that you master the concepts in Physics.  ALL work is due when the tardy bell rings or it will be considered late.


Assignments turned in one day after the due date will receive a maximum grade of 70.

Assignments turned in two days late will receive a maximum grade of 60.

Assignments not received in two days will automatically receive a grade of zero.


Tests and projects                                                                               40%

  1. 2-3 written tests will be given every 9 weeks.
  2. One major project every 9 weeks will be given and counted as one test grade.  (AP only) Guidelines and a grading rubric for each project will be given at least two weeks prior to due date.  Projects are long-term assignments to be completed outside of class.  


    Daily work (including class work & homework) & Quizzes              60%    

  3. Quizzes will be given regularly throughout a unit.  (Be prepared at all times.)
  4. It is your responsibility to ask questions about problems you do not understand.   Please take advantage of tutoring.  
  5. In case of absence, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule make-up tests and quizzes outside of class time.   Homework assignments are to be picked up the first day you return to school.
  6. 2 zero/low grade daily assignments are given for every 9 week marking period.


I have read and agree to follow the above expectations and procedures for our classroom.


***Your electronic signature for my Physics’ Students Expectations is that the student’s parent/guardian sends an email to  In the email message please include the parent/guardian’s first and last name and the student’s first and last name along with the period the student has me for Physics. The period is important due to block scheduling with having A/B days.


Please have this done by Thursday September 1, 2016


Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful and successful school year,


Jerek Banks

If you do not have an email address please print out this page and have your student return it to me during class.


I have read and agree to follow the above expectations and procedures for our classroom.


Student’s Name:  _________________________________________


Student’s Signature:  ______________________________________


Parent’s Signature:  _______________________________________

Mother’s/Guardian’s Name:  ________________________________________________


Phone numbers:  home: _____________________    work:  ______________________


                                                    Cell:  ________________________


E-mail address: (please print clearly and use the correct cases. Thank you)



Father’s/Guardian’s Name:  _________________________________________________


Phone numbers:  home: _____________________    work:  ______________________


                                                    Cell:  ________________________


E-mail address: (please print clearly and use the correct cases. Thank you)